The Museum of the “Belgian Brewers”

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Confined within the walls of the Belgian Brewers Museum, shielded from the tourists and the sun on the Grand Place, we had no idea what we would discover an hour later... We were getting ready to f...

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The rich tradition of Belgian beer is kept alive at the Brewery Museum. Visitors are shown implements, brewing and fermentation tubs, a boiling kettle and the material found in an eighteenth-century brewery.

In the cosy café, memories of days gone by are brought back to life. Old tankards, antique porcelain and the paraphernalia from an inn of the past illustrate what doubtless deserves to be called “Belgian Beer Culture”.

Over the years, the Belgian brewers have kept pace with technology, centuries of brewing experience, investing in the necessary know-how and better techniques, as well as respect for both beer and nature are the pillars of the Belgian brewing industry.

Tradition with an eye to the future: Visitors to the Brewery Museum will see that this is indeed the case inside this hub of the latest brewing technology. The visitor is shown the raw materials behind beer (water, malt, hops, yeast) at a glance, how today’s malt industry functions, a modern brewing hall where computer science and precision live in perfect harmony with the brewers’ workmanship, advanced filtering methods and cooling processes, high-tech bottling and packaging lines and impressive cylindro-conical maturing and fermentation tanks.

Your visit to this centre of brewing technology will take you back to the geniality and hospitality that are so closely associated with Belgian beer. The Belgian brewers will gladly offer you a glass of delicious beer in the café of the Brewery Museum.

The Museum of the “Belgian Brewers”

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The Museum of the “Belgian Brewers”

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