Winston McAnuff & Fixi

L’Os à Moelle

Ouvert au printemps 1960 par une poignée d’illuminés (parmi lesquels Jo Dekmine, futur directeur du théâtre 140), l’Os à Moelle est le plus ancien cabaret bruxellois. Cette cave au charme in...

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It’s 5 p.m., we arrive late, carrying equipment … We go down the dark staircase behind a brick facade… There he is, leaning on the counter, smiling, a glass of red wine in his hand.

Winston McAnuff has this legendary Jamaican class.  A brilliant simplicity also.  Next to him is Fixi with an accordion… together they form a surprising and delightful duo that just released an excellent album « A new day».

Quietly sitting on their bar stool, they interpreted «Garden of Love»  before they got up to offer us a second piece in the middle of the cabaret room… To discover soon!

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