Natalie Prass

Le Cirio

In 1883, the architect Charles Gys supervised the construction of ten investment properties with shops on the ground floor for the construction company 'Les Constructions Réunies', a kind of counterp...

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While the cat is purring on the confortable seats of the Café Cirio, the waiters move around.  This former tearoom for Italian specialties founded in 1886 has, over the years, become THE Brussels brasserie.

The American Natalie Prass arrives in this Art Nouveau decor, accompanied by her guitarist.  In between two coffees, they offered us two titles from their first album, simply called « Natalie Prass ».  This album is permeated with the cities she has lived in (Cleveland, Viriginia Beach, Boston and Nashville).  It is a real treasure that allows us to travel from soul to pop, passing through rock and folk…

While we’re waiting for the second video, go ahead and discover the title “Why Don’t You Believe in Me »!

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