Grand Blanc


En 1880, on fête le cinquantième anniversaire de l’indépendance de la Belgique, le prétexte idéal pour organiser une Exposition Nationale. A peine un an avant l’Exposition, l’architecte Gé...

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Grand Blanc hails from the cold Lorraine. Living in exile in Paris, Camille, Benoît and Luc have been sprinkling the capital city with their raw and enjoyable  pop music.

After the success of their first E.P. they just released “Mémoires Vives”, an album acclaimed by the press. In 2015 we discovered them at the Nuits Botanique… A big slap which made us want to film them.

We needed room, height, and the possibility to turn on the sound real loud in order to fully enjoy the power of their music.  We therefore decided to install them in the big hall of the Automobile museum “Autoworld.”

Discover “Disque Sombre” right away!


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