La librairie Tropismes est une librairie générale francophone qui privilégie la littérature et les sciences humaines ainsi que les beaux-arts et les livres pour la jeunesse. Elle ne cesse d'approf...

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Day of national strike, the city is ice-cold. Brussels is strangely calm this morning despite a few fire crackers here and there. A state of restraint that fits the Buriers perfectly and which we find in the voluntarily desert-like ‘Tropismes.’

The word temple welcomes one of its new Messiahs.

Buriers (which abandoned its ‘Band of’) had touched us last year at the DNA. They had permanently blown us off our feet the night before during an apartment concert and they gladly do it again, just for us, in the morning…

Buriers gets everything right, a spoken-word of unequalled delicacy accompanied by just what it takes to make it shine.

Peckham Rye, first excerpt of their last EP and first song of our session is the perfect illustration thereof.

If those guys continue in this vain it is to conquer a permanent place in your memory.

(Boris Görtz)

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