Cold Specks

Cold Specks’ hides a rough diamond. And “I Predict a Graceful Expulsion” hides eleven serious and violent titles. The Canadian describes her music as “doom soul,” gloomy soul, crumbling …

We had an appointment with the mysterious Al Spx a few hours before she got on stage at Feeërieën, a superb mini festival organized by l’Ancienne Belgique taking place at the kiosk of the Warande Park.
The music of Cold Specks has something very pure, very raw. The place where we wanted to film therefore had its importance. We wanted something simple, and dark so as to stick as closely as possible to the emotions the songs evoke.

And yet, it is by passing in front of the Royal Palace that we found what we were looking for: Pots of Miscanthus in front of the entrance to the BELVUE MUSEUM which gave a country atmosphere to the Place des Palais.

Lulled by the hum of cars driving on the pavement, Al Spx and her two musicians offered us this moment of grace.

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