Ancien cinéma Marivaux

Il faut être sacrément imaginatif pour deviner que ce gigantesque lieu sombre et humide était il y a près de 90 ans un des plus beaux cinémas bruxellois. L’ancien cinéma MARIVAUX au boulevard...

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Almost a year ago we attended by accident a small improvised concert in a Brussels’ studio.  In front of us we discovered a musician all by himself, sitting on a chair, a guitar on one side and a toolbox with plenty of incredible objects on the other side…

We sat down next to a dozen people and observed.   The songs and melodies succeeded one another.  We attended a genuine musical laboratory… It’s powerful and we are constantly surprised by the elements that are being added: a teaspoon, a plastic frog, a radio… Everyone leaves flabbergasted.

A few weeks later we hear that he is playing in a bar at the Place du Jeu de Balle but this time accompanied by a bass player and drummer… Curious as we are, we go to the place and we get a second slap in the face… The drums and bass turn the laboratory into a rock bomb… We don’t know what’s happening to us… we even surprise ourselves humming a song without lyrics…

Still a secret, this project which is moved forward by Cédric Castus, Frédérique Renaux (V.O., Coffee or Not) and Boris Gronemberger (V.O., Girls in Hawaii) is following a discrete course.  They just released their second album “MEGALO.”

It’s in a totally destroyed corner of the former Marivaux cinema that we decide to place the trio.   Let yourself be moved by the energy and the inventive music of Castus, you won’t regret it!

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