Duden park


When “La suite” was released, the successor of “La source”, we had the occasion to meet the six Parisians of 1995. When we decided to shoot in the Dudenpark at sunset we didn’t kno...

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It is strange to find this wooded natural park in the heart of Brussels, which preserves intact the pure beech groves that make up the Sonian forest!

These beech woods cover the steep valleys and share the 23 hectares of Duden park with dense undergrowth where maple and ash trees can be found, with wood-rush and ferns beneath them. Only the northern part has been landscaped as a garden. The property, formerly occupied by the abbey of Forest, fell into the hands of the Mosselman family, then passed to the Duden family in 1869. However, it was King Leopold II who became bare owner in 1895 and assigned it to the state in 1900, by Royal gift. In 1912, on the death of Duden’s widow, the last life tenant of the park, it was finally possible to open it to the public. Today, walkers and athletes enjoy the rugged and scenic paths in this exceptional green corner, which attracts many children.

Duden park

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