Duden park

It is strange to find this wooded natural park in the heart of Brussels, which preserves intact the pure beech groves that make up the Sonian forest! These beech woods cover the steep valleys and sha...

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Voir le lieu

When “La suite” was released, the successor of “La source”, we had the occasion to meet the six Parisians of 1995.

When we decided to shoot in the Dudenpark at sunset we didn’t know what to expect and wondered whether they would play the game.  Because “La Suite” is such an exceptional old school rap album we were really glad to capture this unique musical moment. 1995 in a Brussels park, quite funny actually when you think of it! When they appeared in the park we saw a bunch of dudes jumping around and making fun of each other. Sneazzy, Fonky Flav’, Nekfeu, Areno Jaz, Alpha Wann shared the mic, Dj Lo launched the music on a portable speaker and the rappers completely let go. Once our cameras made their entry, the five rappers started to play and let go of their devastating flow.  As can be viewed in the video, the atmosphere was relaxed, joking, laughing, cracking up… Six young stars but first and foremost six young friends!

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