Hippocampe Fou

Hippocampe Fou, the aquatic rapper, has been sowing his flow and unusual stories throughout France and Belgium for quite some time now... After having converted the audiences of Dour, the Ardentes, ...

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Nemo 33 is a swimming pool that is unique in the world!

Located in Uccle and inaugurated in May 2004, this dive center was designed by polytechnician and diving instructor John Beernaerts.

The idea was born from a simple observation: in Belgium, the climate requires divers to train in a pool … So he designed a 33-meter deep pool divided into different levels with a constant temperature of 33° C maintained by solar panels and heat pumps. Another important feature: the water at Nemo 33 is filtered continuously and has all the qualities of mineral water, so it does not irritate the skin!

Also note that even beginners can learn to dive by taking specific courses, that you can also just swim there, take Aquabike classes or, cherry on the cake, just come and eat at its restaurant and watch the divers through the different windows!


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placeRue de Stalle, 333 - 1180 Uccle

phone+32 (0)2 332 33 34 ou +32 (0)2 333 38 30

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