Hippocampe Fou


Nemo 33 is a swimming pool that is unique in the world! Located in Uccle and inaugurated in May 2004, this dive center was designed by polytechnician and diving instructor John Beernaerts. The ide...

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Hippocampe Fou, the aquatic rapper, has been sowing his flow and unusual stories throughout France and Belgium for quite some time now… After having converted the audiences of Dour, the Ardentes, the Nuits Botanique, the Francos de Spa, he is back with a first album entitled «AquaTrip!»

It didn’t take us too long to convince him to shoot the video in the world’s deepest swimming pool, the NEMO33, and this during an AquaBike class!  So he arrived with his swimming suit and his two sidekicks, Céo and Deska, to offer the aquabike teacher the instrumental version of “Nul en sport;”  the sporty folks around got to see a rather unusual piece of choreography worthy of the greatest!  Judge for yourself!

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