Chez PIAS – Former offices of the newspaper LE PEUPLE


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In 1905, the Press socialiste (Socialist Press) installed its printshop as well as the editorial office of the newspaper Le Peuple in the Rue Saint-Laurent, the printing neighborhood.  

The building, inspired by the Art Nouveau style, was designed by the architect Richard Pringiers. He was also hired when the existing building needed to be enlarged,  When a brand new building needed to be built to house the modernized printshop, however, the architects Ferdinand and Maxime Brunfaut were chosen.  

They imagined a complex in a functionalist style that will draw attention because of the originality of its facade made in a clever, predominantly orange and black, color combination with a lot of glass parts.  On one end it has an elegant tower with a polygonal-shaped staircase completely surrounded by glass.  

Independent label PIAS moved in a few months ago.  In addition to its offices, it also installed a concert hall, a vynil shop, and a restaurant: “Humphrey.” A handful of good reasons to visit the place!

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Chez PIAS – Former offices of the newspaper LE PEUPLE

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placeRUE SAINT-LAURENT 36-38 - 1000 Bruxelles-Ville

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Chez PIAS – Former offices of the newspaper LE PEUPLE

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