Ancien cinéma Marivaux

Il faut être sacrément imaginatif pour deviner que ce gigantesque lieu sombre et humide était il y a près de 90 ans un des plus beaux cinémas bruxellois. L’ancien cinéma MARIVAUX au boulevard...

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They are six and they are very talented. We met them for the first time a year ago at the Nuits Botanique to record a Live session at a totally empty Cirque Royal.  Since then, their third album has been released in numerous countries, leading to many concerts in Belgium and abroad.

In order to celebrate the first anniversary of  « On Rapids »,  the six Brussels artists came together at the Botanique to offer the Nuits 2013 an original creation: V.O. & Quartet ! Namely a review of the group’s repertoire with the participation of four stringed instruments.

We were very happy, therefore, to film this short-lived band in a forgotten part of Brussels’ heritage: the former Marivaux cinema.
Granted, the current site, hidden behind the hôtel Marivaux looks more like a parking lot than a cinema but as you walk through the different corridors, looking up the walls, the murals and balconies, the fanthom of this Art Deco room built in the 20s, surfaces again.

It was extremely cold so the exercise was very risky for our ten musicians, especially because they had never played together before.  They tried to get warm thanks to lamps and a mini heating system, they laughed, smoked, and sipped coffee…
Then the silence gave way to V.O.s music, wonderfully accompanied by subtle arrangements…

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