Lola Marsh

Cinquantenaire Museum

The huge buildings that are home to, among other things, the Cinquantenaire Museum (Royal Museums of Art and History) were constructed at the instigation of King Leopold II as a fitting commemoration...

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Tuesday, February 2, it’s raining, it’s cold. The Israeli band Lola Marsh, however, arrives all smiles in front of the Royal Museum of Art and History.

A class of twenty children happens to enter just before us, and the security check obliges us to wait patiently… Each bag is opened, the three members of the Lola Marsh band play the game … Then we finally enter. The band decides to settle down in the middle of the big hall of the museum.

They are particularly pleased with the acoustics as well as the light. And indeed, Yael and her two musicians offer us two titles from their first e.p. which they decided to re-arrange completely… The few curious visitors will remember! Here is the magnificent “You’re Mine”!

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