Brasserie Cantillon

C’est en 1900 que Paul Cantillon installe sa brasserie à Anderlecht. A cette époque chaque quartier possède sa brasserie. Aujourd’hui, la brasserie Cantillon est la dernière représentante de ...

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Impossible for us to have the guys from Aline perform elsewhere than in a Brussels brewery!  And rightly so since the title they want to bring is called “Je bois et puis je danse” (“I drink and then I dance”).  We therefore brought them to the Cantillon brewery (Brussels Gueuze Museum), one of the last traditional breweries in Brussels!

It’s in 2009 that Romain and Arnaud started their band called Young Michelin. After releasing two Ep’s and winning the CQFD competition by the Inrockuptibles they were forced by the Michelin company to change their name. Today they go by the name of Aline and it’s under that name that they released their first album “Regarde le ciel”.

Discover their new single “Je bois et puis je danse” between the fermenting barrels of beer inside the Cantillon brewery!

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