The Spinto Band

House of the Arts

The building, located at no. 147, Chaussée de Haecht/Haachtsesteenweg, conceals a dwelling built in 1826 for a rich linen merchant by the name of Charles-Louis Eenens. Two wings were added by the nex...

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Upon their arrival from the U.S. we kidnapped the American The Spinto Band to have them play in one of the beautiful rooms of the Maison des Arts.

They were surprised to see the decor, the gorgeous wood work, the sculptures, the very very old piano totally out of tune.  Because the group’s musical reality is somwhat out-of-sync with Europe they played two titles from their album « Shy Pursuit » that was just released in Europe while their new album « Cool Cocoon » will be released on April 1 in the United States…

Somewhat jet-lagged they started this accoustic session. First in a circle, clapping hands, stamping feet, improvising on the piano then around the big table with a canine choreography!

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