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The ideal start of this walking tour is the lively quarter situated at the bottom of the Palace of Justice or the stairs of the Our Lady Chapel Church. In the 17th century , a religious order was foun...

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From time to time and without notice, Belgium has the power to give birth to a new extremely talented and admirably addictive band…
This was the case with BRNS, PAON oru ROBBING MILLIONS and here we go again with Mountain Bike!

Of course not everyone will listen to their record sipping a cup of tea or on the way to work… but their first album track, a perfect mix of pop and garage, offers some catchy tunes (I lost my Hopes), beautiful ballads (Just good Friends) and dance songs (Word Land, Is That All About Money)… What more is there to ask for?

It was obvious, therefore, that we needed to film these guys!  We decided to return to STEFANTIEK, an antiques dealer in the Marolles area, who offered his shop for them to play two pieces. It was the ideal place for our four ‘Bruxellois’: quite a mess, actually, but when you take a closer look it hides some incredible gems!

The musicians arrived all smiles, eager and happy to turn the place into a short-lived concert hall. They toured the shop and rearranged their space using items they liked: a model boat, billboards, old walking sticks, etc.  They then offered us two titles full of energy: “Good For Nothing”, an unreleased piece, and “Is That All About Money?” from their first album.

Do us a favor, buy their first album (at only 8,99€) that you can listen to free of charge via their BANDCAMP, and, especially, hurry up to see them in concert, new dates are frequent in Brussels!

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