National Botanic Garden of Belgium

Located just a dozen kilometers from downtown Brussels, the National Botanic Garden of Belgium, with its 92 hectares, is one of the ten most important botanical gardens in the world. Before landing i...

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How could one miss Baptiste, alias Saule? We will not talk about his length nor his  « carcass », he does so marvelously himself in his songs!

How could one possibly overlook this artist who has illuminated the Belgian scene since 2006 with his much noticed first album « Vous êtes ici » ?  In 2009 he released  « Western », an opus produced by Seb Martel which includes duets with Dominique A and Sacha Toorop and which will allow him to tour for two years across France, Quebec and Belgium.

Today we find him again with a third album entitled « Géant ». Let’s face it: he is awesome!  In addition to the catchy « Home Sweet Home », « L’économie des mots »,  « Mieux nous aimer » you will be rocked by the wonderful « Vieux », « Rien que pour soi », « it’s just a song », you will laugh with « Chanteur Bio », « Type Normal », « Le bon gros géant » and you will not be able to prevent yourself from swinging to the very groovy « Dusty men » and the duet with Charlie Winston ! And it’s the same Dandy Hobo whom we find again at the handles of this album!

For the video shootings, we tried to find a place where Saule would feel like a fish in a bowl… so we took off for Meise, on the outskirts of Brussels, to pose guitars, percussions, mikes and cameras! This is where the Belgian National Botanic Garden is located and it’s in the Desert Greenhouse, in between cactuses, stepmother cushions and elephant feet that Saule (French for willow) and his weepers interpreted “Home Sweet Home”.

He immediately started singing the fantastic title “Vieux” while he was walking between the trees of the greenhouse…

Il s’est ensuite mis à chanter le magnifique titre “Vieux” en se baladant à travers les arbres de la serre…

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