Brussels Park

Brussels Park was designed at the end of the 18th century as an extension to the Place Royale, on a portion of the former Warande or Garenne Park which at the time served as a hunting reserve for the ...

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Nothing new: big things are going on in Quebec! Monogrenade blows a fresh new wind in our ears.

It has to do with lyrics written in French, a whispering voice, and impressive  masterly and creative arrangements. Their album is a gem, an incredible mix of pop and electro… We were very curious, therefore, to see them make the leap to acoustics.

They arrived all smiles and accepted to be guided through a winter cold Brussels. After a few tram stops, we decided to hide in a corner of the Royal Park, settling under the dim light of a lamppost.

We are not the first ones to succumb to the charms of the Quebeckers so we can only encourage you to listen to their wonderful first album “Tantale” and to look out for their next visit in town.  They are talented and generous, nice and funny, and you can be sure of it, they will be back!

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