Emilie Gassin


It is tiny but it is nevertheless impossible not to notice it when walking by! Marjolaine is a small antiques shop on Rue de la Madeleine, almost opposite the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and close t...

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One doesn’t make discoveries of this kind every day!  One night we learned that a young Australian girl was playing the first part of the Cali concert at the Ancienne Belgique.  Intrigued, we googled her to find a few videos of the artist and it was love at first sight.  Catchy melodies, a groovy voice like no other and a captivating smile!

From then on, things went very fast and two days later we met again in a beautiful Art Nouveau shop in the neighborhood of the Grand Place.  It’s in the middle of millions of objects of all kinds that Emilie sang the first single of her album “A little bit of love” for us.  She then ventured into the gorgeous Art Nouveau window display to play the soft “Sad songs” that we will let you discover very soon!


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