Lilly Wood and the Prick

Palace of Charles of Lorraine

Appointed governor of the Austrian Netherlands in the 18th century, Charles of Lorraine organised a lively cultural life. With his endearing personality and respect for local customs, it didn't take ...

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Lilly Wood and the Prick is the meeting between Nili and Benjamin in 2006.  The young Parisians released a first album in May 2010 that has been very well received by both the press and the public. They have been criss-crossing France ever since, playing to a full house.

Belgium was no exception as they filled the Rotonde and the Orangerie at the Botanique.

During their first performance in Brussels we offered them to take a walk. From the tramway, passing in front of the Mont des Arts, they accompanied us in a musical way to the wonderful Palais Charles de Lorraine, little known to the general public.

Simplicity, generosity, and cheerfulness, this is how we can describe this moment spent with this band that went from contender to hitmachine in barely a few months time.  Something we’ll never forget!

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