Hindi Zahra

Marie la Misérable Chapel

The chapel is mentioned in a document of Pope Urbain V dating from 1363, saying it was supposedly built on the execution site of a wrongfully convicted recluse. In 1922, the Marquis de La Boissiere...

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A few days before the release of her latest album, the Moroccan singer Hindi Zahra, on her way through Brussels, accepted our musical invitation.

It’s in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert that we found the ideal place to host her:  the small Marie la Misérable chapel built in the 14th century.

While the sun offered us a brilliant day, the rays had all the trouble in the world to get inside the building.  Hindi Zahra and her two musicians pushed the chapel door and settled against the nave.

It’s “Any Story”, the single from her album “Homeland,” that the singer performed for us.  Simply accompanied by two guitars, Zahra plays with her voice and the acoustics of the chapel offer us a moment of unique beauty.

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