This bronze statuette, created in the 17th century by J. Duquesnoy the elder, embodies the irreverent spirit of Brussels. Also known as "Little Julian", due to confusion with another fountain, het Jul...

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We discovered her almost by coincidence at Café Belga back in 2010.  There she was, alone in her vichy dress, earrings in the form of cherries, her feet in the middle of a plastic mini garden… With an innocent smile she told her stories… Because Giedré is a song writer and is the only one to get into themes such as prostitution, sodomy, contraception…

It will not surprise you that the first ones to discover her were Raphaël Mezzrahi and Laurent Baffie…

Knowing the artist, we plugged in the mike as soon as she arrived to make sure we wouldn’t lose a crumb!  Needless to say we had the time of our life walking through the center of Brussels with this French-Lithuanian artist, listening non-stop to her jokes.  What better place  in Brussels could we have thought of other than the Manneken-Pis to let her play her famous “Pisser debout”??

After “Mon premier disque”, “Mon premier album genre Panninni », “MoN PReMieR BesT oF” and “MoN PREMIER ALbuM VeNdu daNS LeS VRAIS MAGASINS” Giedré just released “Mon premier album avec d’autres instruments que juste la guitare”… all is said!

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