Henri Dès

Institute Champagnat

The Champagnat Institute // In the early twentieth century, the Superior-General of the Dames de la Sainte-Famille, Dame Justine de Monie, and Dean de Meus, decided to establish a school for boys on...

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When Henri Dès said “yes” to come and play for us, the reactions were: «he must play mon p’tit loup», « he must play la petite charlotte, it’s my childhood» , without mentioning «pernette pernette» or «escargot»…

Because Henri Dès offered hundreds of cult songs that have rocked millions of children since 1977 and the release of « Cache-cache»!

It’s finally the children of a Schaerbeek school (the Institut Champagnat) who made the choice for us.  After decorating their class room, they decided to sing and dance to the sounds of «la machine»!

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