Congress Column and Monument to the Unknown Soldier

Situated right in the centre of the eponymous square, Congress Column is considered to be the most important commemorative monument in Belgium. It commemorates the holding of the first National Congre...

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Eiffel is back!  Just over two years ago, we were in the middle of the court of the former administrative complex waiting for the Eiffel band.

We did not really know them, they did not know us at all.  And rightly so, Bruxelles Ma Belle had barely started a month earlier. Yet we hit it off right away. They were happy to be there, the weather was nice, they loved the apocalyptic setting we had found for them.

A few days after the launch of the video we received a private message from Romain thanking us for the videos which they had really appreciated. Receiving a private message from artists is such a rare thing that it merits highlighting.

The years have passed, and while we were filming new videos every week, Romain and his band traveled, wrote, composed and recorded … So it seemed only natural to look them up again.

This time Romain came alone. He did not have a lot of time but suggested a night walk through Brussels to find the perfect spot. Since the Grand Place was occupied by the Beer Festival, we walked down to the touristy Rue des Bouchers where he performed the single from his new album: “Place de mon coeur.”

It was dark and it could have rained any minute. The restaurants were starting to close, the waiters were cleaning the last tables. The street, on the other hand, didn’t empty.  During this simple and raw moment, Romain became an unknown street singer who had nevertheless played for a full house at the Orangerie of the Botanique a few weeks earlier…

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