Our Lady of Finistère Church

The construction of the Our Lady of Finistère Church began in 1713 under the leadership of the architects De Bruyne and Verbruggen. The new church was supposed to replace an old chapel that had becom...

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Thursday night, it’s cold and we’re stressed out. And understandably so because we’re waiting for Camille.  The singer who keeps surprising us, album after album, has agreed to record a video with us.

Before her performance in a crammed Cirque Royal, we suggest that she perform two titles from her latest baby “Ilo Veyou” in the Notre-Dame du Finistère in Brussels.  After the incredible “Wet Boy” (guitar-voice duo), she performed the wonderful “Tout dit” a cappella.  Camille ended with “Michelle” of The Beatles in “Bruxelles Ma Belle” style.

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