Boubacar Traoré

The Porte de Namur Gallery

The Porte de Namur Gallery is located in Ixelles, in the district called "Matongé," the meeting place of the African communities of Brussels. The Porte de Namur is one of the gates of the second ...

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The Bruxellesmabelle team never thought it would be possible to film the great Kar kar Traoré.  This man is a living legend in this country, a great musician and a great man.

Yet, everything got organized at the last minute with frightning simplicity! A couple of hours before the recording we had not yet found a place for the filming… As we entered the offices of Muziekpublique we discovered something that resembled an aquarium with various hairdressing studios.

Boubacar entered the Chelsea Beauty saloon.  Without worrying about the hairdressers nor the surprised clients, he played the wonderful Mondeou, accompanied by a calabash and harmonica.

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