Benoît Lizen

Remember those goosebumps when you listened to Alela Diane and Bon Iver for the first time…?  That is exactly how we felt a year ago when we first listened to then still unknown Belgian artist: Benoît Lizen.

Benoît is a biologist.  He has no formal music education but simply has an unending passion for guitar and blues.
The young ‘Liégeois’ invented a language for himself and decided to compile his stories in “Naomka,” a raw and poetic recording made without a penny.
An old guitar from the 1920s, a small banjo, a music box, a children’s choir, a flute or a lap-steel guitar… that is all it takes to accompany Ben’s exceptional voice…
We therefore hoped to film him in a spot that would resemble him: little known and quiet.  That is why he sat down in the neighborhood of the Halles St. Géry, next to the former Riches-Claires convent, together with his dog Gustave.

We really hope you will in turn be seduced by the stories that only your imagination will be able to decypher.
Do not wait to discover his album (which you can check out freely on his Bandcamp pages) and, more importantly, go and see him in concert!

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