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One doesn't make discoveries of this kind every day!  One night we learned that a young Australian girl was playing the first part of the Cali concert at the Ancienne Belgique.  Intrigued, we google...

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It is tiny but it is nevertheless impossible not to notice it when walking by! Marjolaine is a small antiques shop on Rue de la Madeleine, almost opposite the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and close to the Grand Place.

The Marjolaine store is one of the few commercial substitute Art Nouveau storefronts in Brussels. It was realized in 1904 by Léon Sneyers, a pupil of Paul Hankar. We are talking about “Geometric Art Nouveau” characterized by geometric and abstract decoration, sober but more modern.

If you dare to push the door, you will discover a thin corridor offering thousands of collectibles: dolls, clothing, jewelry, figurines and other treasures … A real treasure trove!

The owners are real enthusiasts who even have plans to open a small museum upstairs!


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placeRue de la Madeleine, 7 - 1000 Bruxelles-Ville

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