Cut Me


The years go by but Arno does not change.  Arno with his lunar face marked by life, his "Belgian" sense of humor and that raspy voice.  An album by Arno is always anticipated with pleasure but it is...

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With its small window display hidden in the Sainte-Catherine neighborhood, CUT ME is much more than a barber shop.

Finally it is NOT a hairdresser! Fred, the creator of the place insists: it is simply a “place.” Because, while he really cuts the hair of both men and women, he does it in his own way: only one chair and no mirrors. Here we trust the craftsman.

And should you be fine with your current cut, then go on a tour there just to discover his amazing universe: furniture from the period, walls of a doubtful color, live TV retransmitting the street life, trinkets of all kinds, a kennel with a dog made of hair … You feel here like in an art gallery! And indeed, every two months works of artists, who are often customers, are exhibited…

Cut Me

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placeRue Léon Lepage, 61 - 1000 Bruxelles-Ville

phone+32 (0)2 503 59 51

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