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Ozark Henry change et évolue d’album en album. En 2010, il avait laissé la production et l’enregistrement de « Hvelreki » à quelqu’un d’autre… Trois années plus tard il décide de fai...

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Sure enough, it only opened its doors in 2006, sure enough it is not composed of 9 balls nor does it provide a delicious flow of water … but the Cook & Book is already a must for both tourists and Brussels folks!

With a surface of  1,500m2 and nine distinct departments, Cook & Book revolutionized the idea of what we thought a library should look like.

It was basically a simple idea of Déborah Drion, a former lawyer, and of Cédric Legein, manager of the five “Pain Quotidien” shops. This idea turned into a crazy challenge: finding the right combination between library and kitchen in an unusual place.

Each space: Youth, Travel, Comics, Lifestyle, Literature, English Bookshop, Fine Arts, Music and Cucina has an original setting related to the theme of the department.  This gives you the impression that you are changing places while you are actually staying there!

In the youth section, for instance, your children will find an electric train and cuddly toys, the literature section is covered from floor to ceiling with hundreds of books, the English bookstore offers a very British look, etc …

Stroll from department to department, have a meal break,  and continue your visit!

The atmosphere is cozy and pleasant, you will find absolutely everything in this incredible space… the music section regularly offers concerts so that we have already been able to applaud artists like Bertrand Belin or Moriarty!

Cook & Book is so successful that it has opened a second space in Uccle Fort Jaco!

Cook and Book

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placePlace du Temps Libre 1 - 1200 Woluwé-St-Lambert

phone+32 (0)2 761 26 00

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