Yael Naim

Halles Saint-Géry

For centuries, the outline of a church towered above the working-class district of Saint-Géry. In 1798 it was destroyed, and a square was built in the same place. A fountain with an obelisk from Grim...

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Every shooting is different. One never knows what to expect… But sometimes one is moved by the unique and privileged moment that the artist is offering. One can never tell for sure what is going to happen and the surprise makes the moment even more incredible.

The moment spent with Yael Naim serves as a perfect example.
His busy Brussels agenda obliged us to postpone the filming by one day, to opt for the night rather than the day, and trade the calm of the Halles St. Gery for a noisy evening…
We were afraid of the hubbub, the light, the quality of the piano, and plenty of other things…Yael Naim waved it all away and settled behind the old piano of the Halles Saint-Géry. She posed her hands and gave us a smile that meant  « it’s fine! ».

The buzzing caused by the evening drinkers slowly softened in our ears. Only her voice and piano counted.  She started to play the incredible  « Dream in My Head ». This could have been a simple promotion moment but no.  Not with her.  Yael Naim  played the piece just as if she was sitting in front of 2,000 personnes on a concert night.  And the applause from certain clients in the pub were received with a genuine smile…


We highly recommend that you buy « Older ». This third album has an incredible power and diversity. It resembles this atypical artist: moving, surprising, and powerful.

Yael was then joined by her second half, David Donatien. Together they played the wonderful  « Older »… Stay tuned.  The video will be released soonest !

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