Bear’s Den

Saint-Josse-ten-Noode Town Hall

Nestled at the base of a tall glass tower, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode Town Hall displays its pretty Beaux-Arts style face. This spot was originally the site of the home of virtuoso musician Charles ...

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A Saturday in February in Brussels.  The weather is cold and grey.  The Saint-Josse town hall just hosted three marriages.  The hallway clears up and slowly but surely the place becomes calm again.

The Englishmen of Bear’s Den enter via the big door, walk down the corridors and pose their guitars in front of the big staircase.

They scrutinize the building, look at the stained glass windows, and unpack their instruments.  Their first album “Islands” is a wonderful collection of folk songs where banjo and voice harmoniously intermingle.

Before the brass joins in, it’s a trio that performs “Agape.”  The cousins of Mumford & Sons surprise us with their talent, their kindness and their genorisity.  Don’t miss them during their next visits to Belgium!

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