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The name Concert Noble dates back to 1785, a period in which the archduchess Maria-Christina of Austria and her husband Albert of Saxe-Teschen established a company responsible for organising social e...

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In April 2010 we discovered the entertaining Intergalactic Lovers, led by the mesmerizing voice of Lara Chedraoui. After having performed around the world  (NY, Toronto, SXSW…) to defend their first album «Greetings & Salutations,» sold at 10,000 copies, carried by the magnificent «Fade Away,» the Intergalactic Lovers went to Toscane to record “Little Heavy Burdens”.

This second album is a real success, you will find catchy melodies, a neat production and always the wonderful voice of Lara…

Needless to say that we were very excited to film the band from Aalst. They insisted on playing concert-style: electrical and with the entire band.  So we needed a place that would accept the noise, a lot of noise!

It’s in the middle of the European quarters that we found that special something: LE CONCERT NOBLE.  Built in 1873, this building consists of a series of Louis XVI style rooms, going from big to bigger, culminating in an impressive ball room of 400 m2, 15 meters high.

It’s in this ball room that the Intergalactic Lovers decided to plug in their amplifyers…
We’d like you to discover « Northern Rd. »  and “Islands” filmed in this gorgeous place!

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