Girls in Hawaii

Solvay Library

Built at the initiative of the industrialist patron Ernest Solvay, the building which was constructed to host an Institute of Sociology is now known as the Bibliothèque Solvay (Solvay Library). It wa...

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A Monday at 3 p.m.. We arrive in front of the Solvay Library.  We take a good look at the magnificent Art Nouveau room hidden in the Leopold park, only two steps away from the European institutions. That’s where we will film Girls in Hawaii.

They just finished recording their new album “Hello Strange”, a live collection of 13 pieces from previous albums that have been totally rearranged.

They arrive in front of the library with their costumes, their instruments, and their ironing board.

We settle down and realize that this will be something beautiful and unique.
The double bass has replaced the bass guitar.

The first piece the band plays for us is “Rorschach.” It’s powerful, tense and magnificent.

Then the six boys put their instruments away and stand in a semi-circle in the middle of the room.  The sun is hiding and there’s silence all over.  One single mike.  They bring the sublime “Organeum” from their first album… deeply moving.

Those Girls never fail to surprise us and we can’t wait to hear what’s next…


Why keep it simple when it can be complicated?  In this case, why film Brussels folks in Brussels … if you can do so in China, Switzerland, England or Iceland?

So we filmed the Girls in Hawaii a few months before and right after the release of their first album…

When you film the Girls in Hawaii, you don’t film just any rock band… You film a story on the move, a glorious past, a bunch of pals, songs that are still somewhat uncertain, wounded boys, a common desire… We film the sky, the laughter, the closed eyes… We film the music we love.

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