Chilly Gonzales


1930 saw the birth in Belgium of the INR, the National Broadcasting Institute. In order to cater for the technical requirements of this new means of communication, a contemporary style building was de...

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Singer, producer, composer … Self-proclaimed  “Musical-Genius” for some years…  And here he admits in his latest album that he is “(NOT A) Musical Genius”…

We wanted to check this out with our own eyes and ears … The Canadian was just visiting Brussels for two (sold-out) concerts at Flagey.

Wearing slippers, he took place behind a Steinway & Sons in one of the rooms of the “ship”…

Without wasting words, he let his fingers speak and offered us two wonderful extracts from his “Solo Piano” repertoire.

We can only advise you to go and see him live whenever he plays in your city, because he may not be Musical Genius, he is definitely an amazing “Musical-ShowMan”!

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