The Bellona House

Les Ogres de Barback

Les Ogres de Barback are 4 multi-instrumentalist brothers and sisters, more than ten years of existence and eight studio albums! Right before their complete concert at the  Ancienne Belgique, we t...

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The Bellona House, now transformed into ‘Maison du Spectacle’ at the initiative of painter and stage designer Serge Creuz, has miraculously defied the centuries. The design of the remarkable 17th-century façade is attributed to artist Jan Cosyn.

This successful compromise between strict classical composition and lush Flemish Baroque style includes an allegorical backdrop of extraordinary quality. As protection against air pollution and acid rain, architect Olivier Notterman, in collaboration with engineer René Greisch, designed a roof in glass and stainless materials which 300 sqm covers the courtyard since late 1995. In this unique setting, regular meetings, seminars and other events take place dedicated to the performing arts. For this glass roof, the ‘facet vault’ principle has been applied. The arch thus obtained, consisting of pleated stainless rods, rests on the existing structures without having to undergo horizontal pressure.

The Bellona House

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