Misteur Valaire

Parvis de Saint-Gilles

Located in the heart of the municipality of Saint-Gilles, the square is a very popular place in Brussels. In addition to its daily market in existance since 1865, the court has some of the most fa...

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We discovered the music of Pisteur Valaire via a Quebec website… Difficult not to fall in love with this festive electro-jazz-rap music!

A few months later we learned that they were coming to Belgium for the first time, not to perform in a concert hall but in a Saint-Gilles bar « La maison du peuple ».  While they had never gone acoustic before, the Quebec band offered us their very first world premiere! We therefore offered them an unforgettable ride throught Brussels…Rain, police, traffic jams, and technical problems, nothing was lacking!

But their energy overwon all pitfalls so we left the rainy and highly secured Justice Palace for the Parvis de Saint-Gilles.

So here is “Ave Mucho”, an excerpt from their second album « Golden Bombay»!

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