Gérald Genty

Finally an artist who takes it easy!   The night before the shooting we met with Gérald Genty to choose an ideal place together… And Gérald is about the first artist to come to us with tens of ideas!  If it had been up to him, we would have filmed him in a shooting range, on a tennis court in the middle of a game, in a swimming pool or on top of the Atomium… that’s all he wanted!

For lack of time, and a decent life insurance, we decided to get inspired by the delirious introduction of his song “La peau de l’ours” to film this very peculiar accoustic session!

If you prize punning and lousy jokes… we very very highly recommend that you buy his last album “manège éternel”, a wonderful mix of humor, poetry and tenderness.  All those who saw him during the first part of the Saule concert will tell you: Gérald is an exceptional performer like there aren’t very many around these days!

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