Douglas Dare

Galerie Ravenstein

An important pedestrian link between the ville haute and ville basse (uptown and downtown Brussels), the Galerie Ravenstein leads to Gare Centrale. It is incorporated in a huge office building, four s...

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There are times when we let ourselves float in spite of ourselves … Momentswhen whatever is happening around us no longer matters…

Yet we were in the noisy Galerie Ravenstein,  children were playing, passers-by were passing … Douglas Dare was there, sitting in the middle of the gallery. Shy, smiling, waiting for the right moment… He put his hands on the redkeyboard and instantly stopped the buzz outside.

Douglas Dare has that power.  His voice, the lyrics, everything works. Everything is there tosubjugate us. People look, observe, sometimes stop … He remains there and sings “Caroline”…

Take time to discover “Whelm,” the first album of this young Englishman!

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