Baden Baden

Porte De Hal

The second set of city walls, built around 1356, coincided with the grand boulevards which today loop around the Brussels Pentagon. Constructed from brick and white stone, this eight kilometre long u...

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We were very happy to be able to film the melancholic pop of Baden Baden.  Yet, only hours before their arrival we had not yet found a place to host them… It’s on very short notice therefore that the managers of the Porte de Hal accepted to open their doors for us.

The Parisian Baden Baden came to present their “Coline” to a Brussels’ audience.  A first album that offers an elegant mix of French and English texts.  Syd Matters, Girls of Hawaii or Karkwa  all come to mind… A thoughtful and polished album that takes on a completely new meaning in concert.

The magnificent attic of the former gates of Brussels turned into a prison before becoming a museum grooved to the sounds of “Anyone.”  They then sought refuge under the monumental staircase to interpret “You’ll See” for us.

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