A Rainmaker

Le Plaza theatre and hotel

In Art Deco style, the hotel Le Plaza was built according to plans by the Swiss architects Michel Polak and Alfred Hoch, the designers of the Résidence Palace. Inside, they created a vast cinema und...

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We have been following this young Parisian band very very closely for quite a while now. Their new EP “RWENZORI” contains four groovy tracks that completely clash with the current Parisian musical landscape.

We invited them to perform at our Live Session in an old Brussels cinema inaugurated in 1931.The cinema is still in perfect condition but is unknown to most people living in Brussels for the simple reason that it’s hidden within the Plaza Hotel.

It’s in this gorgeous room inspired by the Hispanic-Arabic-Morish style that we filmed the five musicians. Be sure to check out “Anchor”, a floating masterpiece that will follow you everywhere, and so much the better!

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